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The Valencian Parliament is the institution of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Autonomous Government) that represents the Valencian people, through its Members of Parliament, elected by means of universal, direct, free and secret vote . The use of the name "Cortes Valencianas" for the Valencian Parliament reflects the interest of the authors of the Statute of Autonomy to recover a historic denomination. This does not intend to reproduce either the same system of representation or the assumption of the same duties of the historical "Cortes Valencianas" (Valencian Parliament). The former was organized into three arms - Ecclesiastic, Military and Royal - and had very different tasks to that of a contemporary Parliament. The Statute of Autonomy dedicates Chapter II, of Title III to the Valencian Parliament, although in other precepts of its first legal document there are important references to the Valencian Parliament. The Statute only indicates the composition of the Parliament, the basic principles of the election system, their corresponding duties and sets out a general outline of the Statute of the Members of Parliament. In a direct development of the Statute, the Valencian Parliament Regulations govern the organization and functioning of the Institution. The first draft of the Valencian Parliament Regulations was approved during the Transitional Phase, in a session celebrated on March 4th 1983. The Valencian Parliament Regulations have had several modifications, with its current draft approved by the Plenary of the Valencian Parliament on december 18th 2006.

The Valencian Parliament is made up of between 75 and 100 members, established by the Statue of Autonomy. The Election Law establishes the number of 99 members, and the province as electoral district. In the IX Term, 35 members of the Parliament were elected in the Alicante district, 24 members in the Castellon district, and 40 in the Valencia district. As for the Election system the Statute of Autonomy establishes that in order to obtain a Seat and be proclaimed elected, candidates must stand for a party or coalition that obtains more than 5% of the given votes in all the Autonomous Community. The D'Hont system is used to distribute the Seats.

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